Sherpa Medium Utility Garden Cart

Product Ref: SMGT      RRP £129.99

This medium garden trolley cart makes moving loads simple and effortless. Struggle for storage space or need to get it in a car boot? No problem; quickly remove the handle and sides so it takes up minimal space. 

  • 300kg Load Capacity
  • Removeable Sides
  • Quick Release Removeable Handle
  • Sturdy Box Section Steel Frame Design
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This durable 4 wheel metal mesh utility cart is versatile and adaptable for multiple uses. It has a large load capacity with 4 full height sides. Move larger items by quickly taking the sides off and converting it to a flatbed configuration. Want to take it with you? The handle can be quickly removed allowing you to get it into the back of a car (we've fitted it into many estate cars without even needing to lower the seats) or so you can store it on it's end taking up minimal space.

Easily removable sides to transform the trolley into a flatbed cart for moving larger, solid items. The load bed on the Sherpa trolley is completely flat, so there is no edge to dig into overhanging loads. The sides simply slot into groove in the bed which makes swapping between the cart and flatbed really quick; once the sides are slotted in, just rotate the catch on each corner it's ready to use. This slot design means there is no hinge sticking out so you won't risk catching anything as you pass by.

With a single pivot point and angled handle bar, the front wheels can be turned through 270o. With this unusually tight turning circle, it is very easy to manoeuvre around, even in narrow areas.
The axle frame assemblies on the Sherpa Medium Utility Cart are constructed out of 25mm box section steel for maximum rigidity.

Designed to last, the cart is built using box section steel for both reinforcing the bed of the frame and the steering assemblies. Each of the wheels is fitted with bearings for easy pulling and smooth rolling even when fully loaded. Assembly is simple with a clever design which limits moving components and uses larger gauge galvanised fixings for durability.

The long handle ensures it is comfortable to pull along no matter how tall you are. The shock absorbing soft grip is comfortable to pull it with even if the ground is rougher. Remove the handle in seconds with the quick release clip; simply pull out the r-clip and slide the pin out to release. Now it can be loaded in a car, or stored taking up very little space.

Simple Assembly
Fewer parts mean assembling the cart is quick and easy, whilst also making it sturdier. Putting the cart together only requires 5 steps with 10 fixing points (4 of these being each of the wheels).


The cart is made up of:

  • 1 x bed
  • 4 x quick clip sides
  • 2 x axles
  • 1 x steering arm
  • 4 x wheels
  • 1 x handle
  • 1 x fixing kit (all large gauge quality fixings for ease of fitting and longevity)

Special Features:

  • Removable sides
  • Single point pivot 270o steering
  • 300KG load rating
  • Steel construction with box section reinforcement
  • Fast assembly
  • Quick release handle



  • 300kg load capacity
  • 25cm diameter wheels with bearings
  • Weight: 17kg
  • Overall dimensions (including handle): 985mm L x 480mm W x 520mm H
  • Overall dimensions (handle detached, sides on): 920mm L x 480mm W x 520mm H
  • Internal dimensions: 835mm L x 435mm W x 200mm H
  • Flatbed dimensions: 860mm L x 460mm W x 315mm H
  • Flatbed Load height: 315mm
  • Handle Length: 825mm
  • 2 year warranty


Support Documents For The Sherpa Medium Garden Cart

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