Sherpa 6L Rechargable Lithium-ion Cordless Chemical Sprayer

Product Ref: SX-LIS06B      RRP £59.99

This is a really useful sprayer - use it around the garden to effortlessly spray your plants. This sprayer has a generous and worthwhile 6 Litre capacity - plenty to do a good load of work without being too heavy.

The unit comes complete with a 2.2Ah Rechargable Lithium-ion Battery and charger. From fully charged the sprayer will run for up to two hours.

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This sprayer is made from very high quality components - you will be surprised just how good this sprayer is once you get your hands on it!

The stainless steel metal lance is compact and a nice size to use, while the stainless steel provides good corrosion protection again lots of type of chemical that you may use in the sprayer. Adjust the spray pattern at the twist of the nozzle; change from a wide misty cone, to a precise jet, and anywhere in between.

The SX-LIS06B includes a shoulder strap with padded shoulder protector. It's easy to sling over your shoulder and free up your hands to spray away.
Using the sprayer for longer?

This Sherpa sprayer has a lockable trigger; simply slide the trigger forward when squeezed to lock it into place. Now you can let go and it keeps spraying.To release simply slide the trigger back again.

The pump is fitted within the lid so when it's time to clean the sprayer out, you can hose out the tank without risking any damage to the electronics in the pump head. It's easy to fill with a large top opening. To open push down on the locking catch and twist the lid off.
A built in lance clip keeps everything tidy when you're not spraying by being able to secure the lance vertically onto the tank.


Specification 6L Rechargable Lithium-ion Chemical Sprayer
* 6L Capacity
* 12v 2.2ah Li-ion battery
* 2 hours run time
* Battery and charger included
* Stainless steel lance with adjustable nozzle
* Carrying strap included
* Locking filler cap
* Ultra-quiet
* Dimensions: 470 x 230mm (H x W/D)
* Sprayer Weight: 1.7kg (Empty)
* Hose Length: 1250mm
* Lance Length: 520mm (inc handle)