Sherpa Stella Roughcutter / Drum Mower

Product Ref: 2005316SPE-225      RRP £1599

From Sherpa Tools, the Stella SP Rough-Cutter Drum-Mower. This High powered machine is equipped with a powerful 225cc petrol engine for easy starting and delivering constant power. This model also features a high quality steel worm dive gearbox that allow the machine to plough through toughest terrain.

  • 223cc Engine
  • 58cm Working Width
  • Self Propelled 
Description Specification


The Stella Drum Mower uses premium quality steel Swing Blades connected to a large rotating drum and is especially well suited for mowing long grass and vegetation up to 1.5m of height - without risk of blocking or clogging.

The rotating disc is equipped with 4 swing blades, that slide out of the way if an obstacle is struck - this prevents damage and protects the engine. The Stella is also equipped with a simple adjustable ergonomic handlebar with quick-fold lever. This enables easy storage and transport (the folded machine would fit in an Estate-car boot). Large chevron tyres enable easy penetration through rough, overgrown terrain and full-differential-freewheel enables light and easy turning on the spot.

The Stella is smooth and easy to handle, whilst very Low Vibration operation makes the Sherpa Stella a great alternative to traditional scythe or flail mowers in a compact powerful package.

This machine can also be used for Cutting Hay, it is supplied with a Hay-Making "Rowing Wimple" for laying the hay down in neat rows.


  • Rotary Swing blades, slide inside when hitting an obstacle
  • Override Lever for one-hand operation of the machine
  • Aero-Cover for cutting long grass or Crops; blades shrouded for safety


  • Durable and Reliable RATO R225 high-powered petrol engine
  • Engine type 4-stroke OHV with Cast Iron Sleeve
  • Displacement 223 cm3
  • Torque 12.5 Nm
  • Power 7.5 HP
  • Fuel tank 1,1 litre
  • Self Propelled 
  • Speed 2,5 km/h
  • Freewheel for easy Transport
  • Robust folding handlebar with operator handle height adjustment
  • High-quality long-life worm-wheel gearbox Drive
  • Aerodynamic cover for cutting long grass or Crops
  • Rowing wimple
  • Large Controls for comfortable handling
  • Rotary Swing Blades Suitable for durability and safety
  • Suitable for mowing vegetation up to 1,5m in height Including saplings and self-seeded tree species
  • Hitting height 3.5cm
  • Working width 580 mm
  • Cutting height 35 mm
  • Self-propelled - Yes
  • Weight 60 kg
  • Blades 4
  • Wheel dimension 328 x 91 mm
  • Starting: Manual