Galvanised Steel Tin Bath

Sherpa Galvanised Steel Baths (Tin Bath)

36" Product Ref: STB36
48" Product Ref: STB48
54" Product Ref: STB54

These baths are ideal for everything from planting, to parties, to dog washing, or even bathing in. 

  • Handmade in the UK
  • Handle On Each End
  • 24 Gauge Galvanised Steel

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Description Specification


A rarely seen, brand new, galvanised tin bath. Good quality rustic design, hand made in the UK with carry handles at either end. These baths are ideal as an ice drinks bucket, dog washing bath, tin bath racing, as a steel planter and much more.

These are made with traditional techniques. The seams are folded and the top edges are rolled for a smooth finish. These baths feature a hinged handle at each end. 


Q. Can I actually use this as a bath?
A. People do buy these to bathe in, just like the old days. However they may be rough edges and you should be aware that they are really made for outdoor use and we cannot guarantee against leakage or seepage. You might need to run a bead of silcone sealer around the seams. But essentially, yes you can use it as a bath.

Q. How well made are they?
A. We think they are really good. Please remember they are hand made and are therefore "rustic".

Q. Are they any good for dog washing?
A. Yes they are perfect for dog washing.

Q. Can I use one of these tin baths as a boat?
A. Again, we know people do use them for this, but of course this is entirely at your own risk and we don't encourage it.

Q. Will these tin baths go rusty.
A. They are galvanised so should not go rusty, at least not for a long time. 1 Year Warranty.

Q. Have they got handles?
A. Yes there is a handle at either end for carrying or hanging.


  • 24 gauge steel 
  • Handmade in the UK 
  • 36 Inch Bath
    • L90cm x W53cm x D30cm (L x W x D)
    • Base: 68cm x 40cm
  • 48 Inch Bath
    • 120cm x 53cm x 30cm (L x W x D)
    • Base: 98cm x 40cm
  • 54 Inch Bath
    • 135cm x 53cm x 30cm (L x W x D)
    • Base 112cm x 40cm
  • As these baths are handmade, sizes may vary slightly from dimensions shown.